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i haven’t done any art all week because i decided it was a good idea to mess around in pygame, which i don’t really know anything about… the result being a little thing where you grow a plant. or kill it because you are bad with plants, haha.

there’s only a few branches so it barely even is interactive but it’s something anyway

i can’t get py2exe to work so there’s no nice tidy executable but here’s some screenshots and a zip of it |||orz

 oh and the blue flower is just the mouse. 

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trailer i put together for our game, which probably gives a better sense of it than the images i posted; there is story and stuff, but really the game is 95% about the motion (GOTTA GO FAST)

the music is one of 5 original tracks for the game!

sorry for low quality, we had some technical problems with premiere and were kind of rushed to get this in u_u

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remember i said i’d been busy lately? this is with what! it was a big team project for a game design class, and today was the final showing and competition.

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